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SCritLS Salon: California Transgender Law


April 29, 2013 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Room Offsite
In "A Practitioner's Guide to California Transgender Law," the Transgender Law Center provides a broad overview of the California laws affecting transgender people. Categories include identity documents, marriage and custody rights, employment and housing, public accommodation, immigration, police conduct, prison/jail conditions, health care, and youth issues. What kind of movement infrastructures are needed to simultaneously address so many issue areas? Are there examples from other movements that have been able to transform so many systems on behalf of a minority group? Were you surprised by the range of issues presented here? To what extent do these legal issues overlap with LGB issues? We have not had an openly trans person at SLS in over a decade--how can we change that? In what ways have you seen trans inclusion in other organizations or institutions that you have been a part of? 
Pgs 1-6 [Introduction]
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