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SCritLS Salon: Can Progressives Reclaim Corporate Law?


May 8, 2013 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Room Offsite


In "Reclaiming Corporate Law in a New Gilded Age," Greenfield argues that progressives should not leave the field of corporate law to conservatives but should focus on reforming the law to provide protections to more stakeholders. He proposes that by expanding protections to cover not just shareholders, but employers, customers, creditors, the community, and the environment, corporate law can lead corporations to serve the interests of society as a whole. 
As you read consider if you believe progressives don't pay attention to corporate law and why? How responsible are corporations for the ills that Greenfield attributes to them? Will the increased board diversity that Greenfield proposes make a difference? Do we run into any problems in including people with less business expertise on the board? (Think about direct democracy problems in voting.) And finally, is corporate law worth saving? Or are corporations too wound up in the capitalist system to make corporate law a useful tool for progressives?
Reading: Kent Greenfield, Reclaiming Corporate Law in a New Gilded Age
pp. 1-10, 17-20, 23-32
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