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Shultz-Bingaman Roundtable


October 17, 2013 9:00am - 5:30pm

Room Offsite

Given the gridlock in Washington DC, much of the focus on hastening the transition to a more sustainable, reliable, and affordable power generation system has shifted to the states.  As the deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy resources begins reaching significant levels, there is a need to take stock.  Which state-level energy policies have proven to be the most effective and which ones have not succeeded?  Which policies should states that are beginning to deploy more clean energy solutions adopt in order to catch up to the early trailblazers?  Which policies can help ensure that deployment of clean energy technology is as affordable as possible?  Which policies can attract bipartisan support?

Distinguished Steyer-Taylor Center Fellow Jeff Bingaman and the Honorable George P Shultz convened a group of respected power industry members to identify the best state-level policies for facilitating the cost-effective deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.  Participants’ insights and perspectives are important to a vigorous discussion on these and other questions.  In the following months, the results of this meeting will serve as the basis for a clean power policies report, published by Stanford University.  We plan to use this report to improve the awareness of the most successful clean energy policies identified at the meeting among state policymakers around the country.

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