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Showing the Tyrant's Cards: How the Statist Whimsy of the New Deal Court was Betrayed by Its Contract Clause Jurisprudence


November 11, 2013 12:45pm - 1:55pm

Room 280B

Join us as Timothy Gordon discusses how the Supreme Court's Contract Clause jurisprudence has upended much of the New Deal Court's jurisprudence. Tim Gordon is a “12-step recovering academic,” with degrees in continental philosophy, ecclesiastical philosophy, literature, history, and law. Together with his wife and two daughters, Mr. Gordon resides in central California, where, besides having taught as an adjunct professor, he has also worked as a petroleum landman, a high school teacher, a carnie, an AM radio host, a construction laborer, a blogger for Young Americans For Liberty and American Thinker, a speaker for Federalist Society on law campuses, and (currently) a lawyer for the Kuhs & Parker law firm. He is releasing a book in spring 2014 with Catholic Answers Press, entitled Why America Will Perish without Rome: Six Elements of Crypto-Catholicism in our Republic since the Declaration of Independence.