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CodeX Speaker Series with Prof. Brian Carver


January 16, 2014 12:45pm - 2:00pm

Room 190

It is Long Past Time For Free Online Access to The Law: Free Law Project

The entirety of United States case law is not presently available to the public online for free. These are public domain documents. Why is this still a problem?

Free Law Project is a California non-profit co-founded by UC Berkeley School of Information Professor, Brian W. Carver, and I School alumnus, Michael Lissner. The organization provides free public access to primary legal materials, develops legal research tools, and supports academic research on legal corpora. Professor Carver will discuss CourtListener, the project's web platform for providing public access to court opinions, Juriscraper, the project's archiving software that collects new court opinions daily, and the project's bulk and REST APIs that enable others to utilize the nearly 2.5 million court opinions currently freely available through these services. Professor Carver will also discuss some of the questions that academic researchers can best address with bulk access to a large corpora of court opinions.


About the Speaker:

Prof. Brian Carver
Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley

Brian W. Carver is Assistant Professor at the University of California, Berkeley School of Information and co-founder of the non-profit Free Law Project. He does research and teaches about intellectual property law and cyberlaw and is also engaged in efforts to increase the public's access to the law.