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Perspectives from the classroom


February 3, 2014 12:45pm - 2:00pm

Room 280A
Please join ACS and Youth and Education Advocates at Stanford as we listen to five of your classmates -- Ashley, Sabrina, Pilar, James, and Peyton-- share their stories as teachers in various environments. Join the conversation as we consider our own experiences in light of the ongoing debates on education reform .

Monday February 3 , 12:45-2:00

Room 280A. Lunch will be provided.

Ashley Williams taught 3rd grade at Excellence Girls Charter School in Brooklyn, NY
Sabrina Forte taught fourth grade at Edward W. Brooke Charter School in Boston
Pilar Landon taught 9-12 math at a charter school in Chicago, IL
James Barton taught 2nd grade in SFUSD at a public school, and 2 years in Oakland teaching grades 2/3 in a charter school
Peyton Gulley taught geometry and algebra II in Dallas, TX.