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If you have a question that you can't find in a tutorial and don't see below email

How can I add events to the SLS Calendar or the Upcoming Events page for an organization?
To add any events you first need to sign up for a Drupal account. Visit our Drupal Account Tutorial to learn more or sign up for an account. 

How can I reserve a room for casual meeting like a study group? 
To reserve a room for a casual meeting you don't need a Drupal account. For these types of events you need to fill out the room reservation form

Can I edit content on my student organization's page?
Each student organization can have one person (a Content Manager) who has access to edit that organization's pages. To find out how to become a Content Manager, visit our Drupal Account Tutorial

Can I be both a Content Manager and an Event Manager?
Yes, you can be both a Content and Event Manager. Remember that each organization can only have one Content Manager. 

When does the mandatory Content Manager training happen?
The Web Team will host occassional group trainings for Content Managers. If there is no upcoming training the Web Team holds open office hours every week that you can stop by to be trained. Email to setup a time to meet. 

How do I get help making a change to my organization's page?
Email the Web Team at with your specific request and a link to the page you would like the edits on. We can make the changes for you. We also welcome you to email us to schedule a time to meet or drop by our office hours so we can show you how to make the changes.