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Homepage highlights are the stories with images that appear on the bottom of the SLS Home Page. To submit a story, anyone can fill out this form.

This form is accessible from these pages:
The SLS Online Calendar (In the right sidebar)
The Faculty & Staff Portal

The content from this form is first reviewed by Sabrina Johnson and will be handed off to the webteam by Alex Murray. Webteam is responsible for creating this homepage highlight and creating the associated graphics. Here's how:

  1. (Webteam) Design the graphics for the homepage highlight. You can get them from:
    1. The owner of the highlight. They may've indicated in their request that they have a photo that you can use.
    2. Sallie. The Stanford all-image exchange. It's free, all you need is a SUNet ID..
    3. Our Flickr Stream.
    4. Purchase photos or graphics from iStock
    5. Create the correct sized image using a template (by dragging a previous highlight from the homepage into photoshop). 
    6. Email these images to Alex Murray.
  2. (Alex Murray) Create the highlight on the staging site.
    1. Click on "Add Front Page Highlight" or go to the black menu and select Content Management -> Create Content -> Front Page Highlight
    2. Enter information for the following fields:
      1. Short title: This title appears on the thumbnail version of the highlight.
      2. Long title: This title appears on the expanded (large) version of the highlight.
      3. Large Highlight Content: This content appears in the expanded (large) version of the highlight.
      4. Byline (optional): Enter the name of the author for the news article, blog, or publication.
        Example: By Judith Romero
      5. Front Page Highlights Categories: You'll find this in the email request. It'll be one of the following: Blog, Photos, News, Video, or Event
      6. "Read More" Link Title: By default, you may type Read more. But this can be anything. It'll be the clickable text for the "'Read More' Link URL"
      7. "Read More" Link URL: Copy/paste the link from the email request. This is the link to the actual blog post, news article, slideshow, or whathaveyou.
      8. Small Image (Off State): Upload the small, sepia-toned png image.
      9. Small Image (Rollover State): Upload the small, full-color png image.
      10. Large Image: Upload the big png image.
      11. Page visibility options (this is a tab): Check the box next to "Published".
      12. Click "Save" to publish the highlight.

How to change the order of the highlights

From time to time, you may have to place a highlight in a specific order. The order of the highlights is determined by their "Authored On Date", so that's the field that you'll need to fuss with for the highlight(s) you are trying to move around. The most recent date is placed in the #1 postion.

  1. Go to the home page.
  2. Find and click on the highlight that you need to move, expand it to its large size.
  3. Click its "Edit Node" link in the upper left corner of the large highlight.
  4. Edit the "Authored On Date" as needed. Be very carfeul and stick to the format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS -0700
  5. Click "Save" to finish.