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Faculty Workshops

Every week Amy Applebaum emails the upcoming week's Faculty Workshops. Don't add workshops until after they have passed! This was per Amy's request. Usually the intern adds the workshops on the Friday after they occured. 

How to Add a Faculty Workshop:

  1. Login with your SUNet ID.
  2. On the top black menu select Content Management, then Create Content, then Event.

  3. Go to the tab Event Title and Description
    1. Name of the Event: copy and paste the title of the workshop (without the quote marks) from Amy's email. 
    2. Event Description: enter the brief description that Amy sent. Usually it'll be something like: Faculty Lunch with Professor Smith. You may need to add a word or two to make it coherent. DO NOT attach any papers or documents!
    3. Event Type: Faculty Workshop
    4. Sponsor Type: Office
    5. Name of Sponsor: Office of Communications and Public Relations
    6. Admission Restrictions: This is a Stanford Law School private /or invitation only event.
  4. Go to the tab Event Managers and Contact Info
    1. Primary Contact Name: Stanford Law School
    2. Primary Contact Email:
  5. Go to the tab Event Date and Room Reservation
    1. Enter the date and time.
    2. For the field "Hide this Event's Time Info..." select "Yes."
    3. Law School Room: offsite. DO NOT put the room number. 
    4. Expected Attendance: 10
  6. Go to the tab Special Requirements and Instructions
    1. Select No for all of the questions.
  7. Go to the tab Event Status
    1. Select Approved and Published
    2. Click Save
  8. Check your work
    1. Click on the Scholarly Life page, it should appear under the heading "Upcoming Faculty Workshops" or "Past Workshops", depending on the event's date.
    2. Check the Calendar under the filter Faculty Workshops and make sure the event appears.


I'm having a problem logging in with my SUNet, what do I do?
If you have a problem with this step, check with those in the office to make sure you have the role "Calendar:Admin."

Why shouldn't I attach papers? 
These papers are drafts and faculty do not want them public. The people who'll need these papers, have already received them through other routes.

Why don't we put the room number? 
The room number would be displayed for all the public to see, that is something that should not happen because this is a private event. If you were to put the room number, it'd trigger an email to facilities to reserve this room. Because the room has already been reserved thorugh another route, there's no need to reserve the room again.