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Image Requirements

Before you add an image to the site, please be aware of the following guidelines:

File types

  • GIF, JPG, or PNG files only; no other image types are allowed.

Naming your file (make it web-friendly!)

Drupal will automatically rename all uploaded files to remove characters that can cause problems with web browsers. Nevertheless, here are some general guidelines for naming files for use online.

  • Please NEVER use spaces or underscores in any file names
  • If needed, use a dash to indicate a space
  • Use a descriptive name
  • Try to avoid using difficult to understand abbreviations
  • Examples
    • This is a good file name:
      • professor-albus-dumbledore.gif
    • And here are some not so good file names:
      • prof_ad.gif
      • this is my image.jpg
      • whatever .png (note the space before the .png)