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2009 Directorship 100

Publication Date: 
October 14, 2009
Directorship - Boardroom Intelligence

Professor Joseph Grundfest and Dan Siciliano, director of the Rock Center for Corporate Governance, are named on the Directorship 100, which lists the most influential people in the boardroom and corporate governance community:

Welcome to the third edition of the Directorship 100, the who’s who of the corporate governance community, or, more accurately defined, the most influential people in the boardroom. When we set out three years ago to identify those 100 individuals who exert the most profound influence on the boardroom agenda, it seemed like a daunting task: so many stakeholders in business, government, and the shareholder community, but too few places on the roster by order of magnitude.

What we also discovered in putting the list together was that in some instances, it became impossible to separate the captain from the team. This year’s D100 is a case in point: Our editors and board of advisors were nearly unanimous in our selection of President Barack Obama as this year’s most powerful corporate governance influence. And yet, to do justice to the seismic shift his policies have brought about in the boardroom, we also had to recognize the many other “New Voices” in the Administration who are now leading the greatest financial reform of American business since the 1930s.


Joseph Grundfest and F. Daniel Siciliano, Stanford Law School

A Stanford law professor, as well as an economist and influential attorney, Joseph Grundfest has had a diverse career in the legal and business worlds. In addition to his duties at Stanford, where he has won numerous teaching awards, Grundfest launched the school’s executive education program, and also leads a number of other governance and business programs. Grundfest served as a commissioner with the Securities and Exchange Commission under both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, and also served on President Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisors. Since 2001 he has served on the board of directors at database company Oracle, where he chairs the Committee on Compensation and Management Development and serves on the Finance and Audit Committee. Grundfest’s colleague in governance is F. Daniel Siciliano. Though a couple of decades younger than many of his scholarly peers, Siciliano has carved a name for himself in both academic and management fields, gaining a reputation as a top-notch governance consultant and trainer.