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A Prof's Nightmare: My Student Is My Editor!

Publication Date: 
August 19, 2008
Boston Globe
Christopher Shea

Professor Richard Craswell is one of the editors of the new Journal of Legal Analysis according to the Boston Globe.

J. Mark Ramseyer, a Harvard Law professor, is heading up an effort to provide an alternative: The first issue of the new Journal of Legal Analysis will appear this fall. It will be peer-reviewed -- most law reviews are not, yet another peculiarity -- and edited by faculty, with Ramseyer as editor in chief. Harvard University Press will publish it twice a year, offering both a free downloadable version and, for a fee, a print one.


His co-editors are Harvard Law's Steven Shavell; Stanford Law's Richard Craswell; the UC-San Diego political scientist Matthew McCubbins, and the Berkeley law professor Daniel Rubinfeld.