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A Summer Roundup: Goldman, Playboy and More

Publication Date: 
July 14, 2010
The New York Times
Steven M. Davidoff

Professor Joe Grundfest’s presentation on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s case against Goldman Sachs is noted in the New York Times:.

While I was on vacation over the last two weeks, the deal world appears to have been in suspension, maybe waiting for financial reform to move ahead.

Or, more likely, we’re in the summer doldrums, a typically quiet period made more sluggish by the effects of the continued economic and market volatility.

Whatever the reason for the pause, here are a few of the more significant developments over the last two weeks and seemed striking to me upon my return.


Meanwhile, Prof. Joe Grundfest of Stanford Law School has prepared a comprehensive presentation (PDF) on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s case against Goldman. He recommends that Goldman “[f]ight hard” and “challenge every detail “ of a complaint that appears legally weak but has great public appeal. It is worth a read for its thorough assessment of the arguments on both sides and its loose polling observation that the further you get from financial professionals the more people think that Goldman violated the law.