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A Supreme Court Shift To The Right?

Publication Date: 
April 10, 2010
The Washington Post
Ruth Marcus

Lecturer Thomas Goldstein is quoted from his assessment of Justice Sonia Sotomayor's appellate record. Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post filed this story:

Here is an unsettling thought for those who waited eight years to have a Democratic president appointing judges: Barack Obama could well end his first term with a more conservative Supreme Court than the one he inherited.

This is, I hasten to admit, premature speculation -- even with the not-so-surprise announcement that Justice John Paul Stevens, the anchor of the court's liberal wing, is retiring.


As Tom Goldstein of ScotusBlog put it after analyzing Sotomayor's appellate record, "Our surveys of her opinions put her in essentially the same ideological position as Justice Souter." From her conduct on the bench so far, there's no reason to change that assessment.