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An Update From The Frontlines Of Romance

Publication Date: 
June 01, 2010
Los Angeles Times
Sandy Banks

Professor R. Richard Banks is quoted in the L.A. Times about his forthcoming book Is Marriage for White People?. His sister, Sandy Banks, wrote this opinion piece:

There's not much love out there for upscale single black women who have been publicly lamenting their lack of marital options.

And I'm not talking love as in romance.

My Saturday column about successful black women stuck on single because of a shortage of comparable black men drew plenty of response from readers, but very little sympathy.


For the last year, my brother, Stanford law professor R. Richard Banks, has interviewed dozens of single black women with college degrees and satisfying careers for his book "Is Marriage for White People?"

They're not loud, but they're lonely.

Black women are no more choosy than other groups of women. But they may be like the canary in the coal mine, signaling social forces that are remaking the role of marriage.

"Black women have outperformed black men in just about every domain in life, and we're now seeing that phenomenon with whites as well," my brother said.


"These are women with graduate degrees, dating guys who don't have a high school diploma, can't hold a job, have a prison record," my brother said. "There are black doctors there in Los Angeles going with guys they can't take to meet their colleagues. And they are not feeling very good about it."