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Another Odd Guru

Publication Date: 
April 22, 2008
Investor's Business Daily

Professor Lawrence Lessig is the subject of this Investor's Business Daily article. Professor Lessig is quoted:

Lessig is author of ... a book entitled "Free Culture," where he claims that the new "efficiency" in sharing information over the Internet "does not respect the traditional lines of copyright." Piracy of copyrighted material, according to Lessig, is a concept that has "at its core . . . an extraordinary idea that is almost certainly wrong."

That wrong idea is identified by Lessig as this: "Whenever I use, or take, or build upon the creative work of others, I am taking from them something of value. Whenever I take something of value from someone else, I should have their permission. The taking of something of value from someone else without permission is wrong. It is a form of piracy."