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Apple’s $1 Billion Verdict May Lead To Samsung Sales Ban

Publication Date: 
August 25, 2012
Bloomberg News
Joel Rosenblatt

Professor Mark Lemley discusses the kind of impact the Apple/Samsung ruling will have on the Android ecosystem with Bloomberg's Joel Rosenblatt.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) won more than $1 billion after a jury found Samsung Electronics Co. infringed six of seven patents for its mobile devices in a verdict that may lead to a ban on U.S. sales of handheld electronics a judge deems to violate Apple's rights.

Apple won less than half of what it sought in damages in the first lawsuit to go before a U.S. jury in the fight to dominate the global smartphone market, though U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh may later triple the damages against Samsung under federal law. Samsung avoided a finding of damages for antitrust law violations or breach of contract.


"This is a huge victory for Apple," Mark Lemley, a Stanford Law School professor, said in an e-mail. "The verdict is just large enough to be the largest surviving patent verdict in history."

"Even more important is the injunction Judge Koh is likely to issue," Lemley said after the verdict on Aug.24. "The real question is whether this is enough to derail the momentum the Android ecosystem has gained in the marketplace."