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Apple And Samsung Patent Trial To Be Closely Watched

Publication Date: 
July 30, 2012
The Australian
Associated Press

Professor Mark A. Lemley is quoted by the Associated Press on the important issues being decided by the Apple v. Samsung patent trial.

TWO tech titans will square off in a US court tonight in a closely watched trial over control of the smartphone and computer tablet markets.

Apple filed a lawsuit against South Korea's Samsung Electronics last year alleging that the world's largest technology company's smartphones and computer tablets are illegal knockoffs of its popular iPhone and iPad products.


"In some sense the big part of the case is not Apple's demands for damages but whether Samsung gets to sell its products,'' said Mark Lemley, a Stanford Law School professor and director of the Stanford Program in Law, Science and Technology.

Mr Lemley also said a verdict in Apple's favour could send a message to consumers that Android-based products such as Samsung's are in legal jeopardy.


Mr Lemley and other legal observers say it's rare that a patent battle with so much at stake doesn't settle short of a trial.