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Apple Sues Nexus One Maker HTC

Publication Date: 
March 03, 2010
The New York Times
Brad Stone

Professor Mark Lemley is quoted in the New York Times on Apple's lawsuit against HTC, for violating patents related to the iPhone's multi-touch screen controls:

Apple has relied on slick applications, and even slicker advertisements, to promote the iPhone and maintain its advantage over rivals like Google in the battle to rule the next generation of smartphones.

But the fight may come down to something more provincial: who has the best lawyers.

On Tuesday, Apple sued HTC, the Taiwanese company that is the largest maker of smartphones running Google’s Android operating system, including the Nexus One, designed and sold by Google.

In the lawsuit, filed with the office of the United States International Trade Commission and the United States District Court in Delaware, Apple said that HTC phones running Android violated 20 of its patents, including those relating to the iPhone’s ability to recognize the touch of multiple fingers on its screen at once.


“Companies have been working on this for some time,” said Mark A. Lemley, a law professor at Stanford who also represents Google in some unrelated matters. “Now, it’s fair to say the Apple technology works better than prior generations of technology, so there may well be inventions there.”