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Arbitration Is Key In Fight Over Union Bill

Publication Date: 
July 28, 2009
Associated Press
Sam Hananel

Professor Bill Gould spoke to the AP's Sam Hananel about the Employee Free Choice Act:

The willingness of some Democrats to drop the "card check" portion of a union organizing bill has led opponents of the measure to intensify their attack on another major provision: Binding arbitration if a new union and management can't agree on a first contract within 120 days.

"We suspected from the beginning that the binding arbitration was packaged with the elimination of the secret ballot in order to create a straw man they could take down later," said Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C.


"If there's no contract, then the union hasn't won anything," said Bill Gould, a labor law professor at Stanford Law School and former chairman of the National Labor Relations Board under President Bill Clinton.