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As a Professor, Obama Held Pragmatic Views On Court

Publication Date: 
May 03, 2009
The New York Times
Jodi Kantor

Professor Pamela S. Karlan is discussed in The New York Times as President Obama's possible choice as a replacement for retiring Justice of the Supreme Court David Souter. :

Mr. Obama believes the court must never get too far ahead of or behind public sentiment, they say. He may have a mandate for change, and Senate confirmation odds in his favor. But he has almost always disappointed those who expected someone in his position — he was Harvard’s first black law review president and one of the few minority members of the University of Chicago’s law faculty — to side consistently with liberals.


Cass R. Sunstein, Elena Kagan and Diane Pamela Wood, three names likely to be on Mr. Obama’s list, are all former colleagues at University of Chicago. When Mr. Sunstein was married last summer, Mr. Obama sent a long toast to be read at the wedding. Another possible nominee, Pamela S. Karlan, co-wrote an election law textbook that Mr. Obama not only taught from but also contributed comments to when it was in draft form.