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At Stanford, Inaugural Bright Award Lecturer Makes A Passionate Plea To Preserve The World's Forests

Publication Date: 
December 11, 2013
Stanford Report
Bjorn Carey

Dean Magill discusses the inaugural Bright Award ceremony and the type of people she hopes to honor with it in The Stanford Report. 

Tasso Azevedo, a forestry manager and climate change consultant in Brazil, was awarded the inaugural Bright Award at Stanford yesterday. In his acceptance speech, he made a stirring argument for preserving the world's forests and for governments to take a more urgent approach to mitigating climate change.


In the inaugural Bright Award Lecture, Tasso Azevedo, a consultant and social-environmental entrepreneur in the field of forests, sustainability and climate change in Brazil, detailed the underappreciated value of forests, and made a passionate plea for greater efforts to preserve them for future generations.

"With this award, Ray Bright particularly sought to recognize unsung people who were actively leading efforts to protect or reinvigorate an area and lead it toward a more environmentally sound future," said M. Elizabeth Magill, the Richard E. Lang Professor of Law and Dean of the Stanford Law School.