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Attorney Discipline Web Data Uneven

Publication Date: 
September 10, 2007
The National Law Journal
Vesna Jaksic

Professor Deborah Rhode is quoted by The National Law Journal in its piece about lawyers' disciplinary records and how they vary state-by-state:

"We're still a long distance from where we ought to be," said Deborah Rhode, a professor at Stanford Law School and founding director of the university's Center on Ethics.

Rhode warned that if states don't provide more disciplinary information online, a growing number of private companies — some of which sell controversial ratings on lawyers' performance — will take up the slack. "Ultimately, if the bar doesn't do it voluntarily, it will be done for them," she said.


Rhode, from Stanford, said the secrecy in large part occurs because disciplinary systems are typically run by lawyers, who want to protect their profession. And because disciplinary agencies do not handle criminal matters, that information may not appear in a lawyer's record.