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Author deals with playing of race card

Publication Date: 
April 17, 2008
Philadelphia Inquirer
Carlin Romano

The Philadelphia Inquirer included a story on George E. Osborne Professor of Law Richard Thompson Ford's new book.

"Once again - and it couldn't happen at a better time - the world of serious scholarship comes to the rescue of a grateful public and media."


"Ford understands term-of-art legal doctrines such as 'disparate impact' in evaluating racism in discrimination law, but he never loses his pragmatic, common-sense grasp of how social problems arise, and how to solve them. The result? A superbly enlightening reflection on how America should confront its authentic legacy of racism."


"Ford seeks, it seems, a sensible middle. He fears that a 'national patois' of racism rhetoric blinds us to the real thing, stoking counterproductive results. Even worse, it stirs advocates of other allegedly oppressed interest groups, such as obese people, to model their complaints on laws forged to fight racism, a 'racism by analogy' strategy."