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Barack Obama Cites GOP ‘Game Playing’

Publication Date: 
September 17, 2010
Abby Phillip

Professor Pam Karlan is quoted on the judicial nomination process in this blog post by Abby Phillip of Politico:

For weeks, President Barack Obama has accused Senate Republicans of “game playing” to stall his judicial nominees, but legal observers and liberal activists say the White House has spent too much energy on big-ticket agenda items like the stimulus bill and Wall Street reform — at the expense of an opportunity to recalibrate a court system that the Bush and Reagan administrations pushed to the right.


“The risk is, if you ask what a president’s legacy is, one big piece is the policies he enacts; the other big piece is the people he leaves in positions of power behind him — and those are largely judges,” said Pamela Karlan, a legal scholar at Stanford Law School. “So if you want your policies to have staying power, you have to have a federal court that will sustain them.”