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Bay Area Indie Bookstores Beat The Odds

Publication Date: 
January 15, 2009
San Francisco Chronicle
C.W. Nevius

Professor Lawrence Lessig is mentioned in C.W. Nevius' column in the San Francisco Chronicle about independent bookstores. Nevius writes:

Defying conventional wisdom, and despite what you hear every time a landmark bookstore closes - Stacey's on Market Street is the latest example - independent bookstores are thriving in San Francisco.


The real key is that successful local bookstores become a regular stop on a stroll through the neighborhood."It is that physical experience," Mulvihill said. "After sitting on your butt all day in front of a computer, you want to walk around a little. And it's cheaper than going to a movie."

And while you are walking around the store, there is that other factor that you'll never get on Amazon. The neighborhood bookstore is a great place for singles to meet.

"Once a week there's a 'missed connection' on Craigslist," said Green Apple's Mulvihill. "You know, 'I'm looking for that cute guy with the red goatee.' "

And speaking of connections, there's no telling who you might run into at the evening events at Booksmith. The store has hosted Allen Ginsberg, Stanford law professor and Internet guru Lawrence Lessig, and Rodes Fishburne.