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Big-Money Battle Pits Business vs. Trial Bar

Publication Date: 
October 09, 2007
The Wall Street Journal
Kara Scannell

Professor Joseph A. Grundfest who was "retained by one of the defendants" is quoted in this story by The Wall Street Journal about a case in front of the Supreme Court "whether defrauded shareholders should be allowed to sue not just the company that committed the crime, but also its advisers, lawyers, accountants and vendors:"

Supporters of the plaintiffs have "been running this more like a political campaign than a Supreme Court brief," says Joseph Grundfest, a former SEC commissioner retained by the defendants.


Mayer Brown retained Mr. Grundfest, the former SEC Commissioner and Stanford law professor who had recently helped an executive at Dynegy Inc. -- the subject of another Enron-era corporate scandal -- reduce a fraud sentence from 24 years to six.


Mr. Grundfest plans to attend the hearing today, voicing confidence his side will prevail.