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Black Lawyers Rare at Supreme Court

Publication Date: 
October 28, 2007
Associated Press
Mark Sherman

The Associated Press ran this a story about the dearth of Black lawyers who are arguing before the Supreme Court of the United States, and about related trends in the legal profession. The story references a study by Building a Better Legal Profession, a grassroots organization co-founded by Stanford Law School students Andrew Bruck and Andrew Canter:

...Several factors account for the dearth of minorities at the court: continuing problems in recruiting and retaining blacks and other minorities at the top law firms; the rise of a small group of lawyers who focus on Supreme Court cases; the decline in civil rights cases that make it to the high court; and the court's dwindling caseload.


Two recent studies point up the trends. Of 46 Washington law offices with more than 100 attorneys, 28 reported that less than 3 percent of their partners are black. Seven firms had no black partners, according to a report by Building a Better Legal Profession, a group of law students who compiled data provided by the firms.