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Bonds Conviction On Obstruction: Will It Stand?

Publication Date: 
April 16, 2011
Paul Elias (AP)

Professor William B. Gould spoke with Paul Elias of the Associated Press on the difficulty attorney's face in arguing the obstruction conviction in the Barry Bonds perjury trial is incompatible with the other charges.

The Barry Bonds trial may have had a strange ending, but his lawyers still face a tough fight in clearing the slugger's name.

On Wednesday, a jury convicted Bonds of obstruction of justice but deadlocked on whether he committed perjury.

Outside court, Bonds' lead attorney called the outcome "extraordinary," believing the record-setting baseball star could be convicted of obstructing a grand jury only if found guilty of lying to it. Allen Ruby vowed "the case isn't over" and promised to fight to overturn the conviction.


Stanford Law School professor William Gould said it will be difficult to say persuasively that the obstruction conviction is incompatible with the other charges just because the other lack verdicts.

"It's hard to argue there are mutually exclusive charges when you have only a verdict on a single charge," Gould said.