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Book Reviews: "Code: Version 2.0," by Lawrence Lessig

Publication Date: 
January 01, 2008
California Lawyer

Professor Lawrence Lessig's book "Code: Version 2.0" is the subject of a book review in The California Lawyer:

Lessig methodically lays out the forces at work that are actively adding layers of control to ­and eroding privacy in ­our interactions with people and systems online. One of his theses is that without concerted effort, these ever-increasing layers of control will turn the Internet from the transformative and creative technology it has the potential to be into a perfectly controlled medium. As he writes, "My central objective [is to] force a recognition that is obvious once remarked: that there are choices to be made about how this network evolves. These choices will affect fundamentally what values are built into the network." But he has limited faith in our ability to rise to the occasion.