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California Report

Publication Date: 
April 13, 2007
David Gorn

Senior Lecturer in Law and Director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy Program Meg Caldwell appears in this California Report segment speaking about a major paradigm shift in the way California manages its state waters.

As a matter of background for this story:

The Fish & Game Commission voted on whether to establish a new network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) off the Central Coast of California (Point Conception to Pigeon Point, just north of Ano Nuevo). Meg Caldwell is a member of the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative Blue Ribbon Task Force and has worked on this project with the State Resources Agency over the last three years.

The Fish & Game Commission formally adopted a network of 29 MPAs that sets aside just over 8.5% of state waters in no-take marine reserves (where no fishing is allowed) and about 10% of state waters in marine parks or conservation areas where some mix of commercial and recreational fishing is allowed, with certain restrictions. According to Caldwell, this leaves the balance of state waters open to commercial and recreational fishing under pre-existing state laws, and is an historic step for the health and vitality of California's ocean ecosystems.