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Can Rowling Cast A Spell Over US Court Or Does 'Loser' Join Lexicon?

Publication Date: 
April 15, 2008
The Scotsman
Stephen McGinty

Lecturer in Law and Executive Director of the Fair Use Project Anthony Falzone is quoted in The Scotsman about the merits of the lexicon and whether it is just rearranging words from Harry Potter, and the reasons for taking the case pro bono against Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. The case involves fair use relating to a lexicon about Harry Potter terminology:

... Mr Falzone will represent the publishers free on the grounds that it is "a hugely important case about a third party's right to create a new reference book that is designed to help others understand the original work."


Yesterday, she testified that "this book constitutes wholesale theft of 17 years of my hard work". However, Anthony Falzone, RDR's lawyer, defended the lexicon as a reference guide. Mr Falzone calls it a legal effort "to organise and discuss the complicated and very elaborate world of Harry Potter."