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Case Tests Cold Hit Link To '70s Murder

Publication Date: 
January 15, 2008
The Recorder
Evan Hill

Professor Henry T. "Hank" Greely is quoted in The Recorder elaborating on how convincing DNA evidence must be to exonerate or convict especially in an old case:

When scientists make a full DNA match using all 13 markers, the probability of a random coincidence is usually about 100 trillion to one, said Henry "Hank" Greely, a Stanford law professor who specializes in law and biosciences. Greely said the statements by both attorneys indicate that the crime-scene DNA probably degraded between 1972 and the time it was compared with Puckett's. This may explain why police only tested against nine markets.

Greely said the 1.1 million odds given by Merin are "pretty low," meaning the chances of a coincidental match are higher than in most DNA comparisons.