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Publication Date: 
March 22, 2007
Xing Zong

Xing Zong of interviewed Dean Larry Kramer on a wide range of issues, from Stanford Law's admissions criteria to what it means to think like a lawyer. The following is Dean Kramer's response to a question about Stanford Law's role in an increasingly globalized world:

"Globalization is one of the dominant facts of our time and we must all adapt to it. In law, this means understanding that the broad conceptual frameworks we teach must include ways of thinking about law outside the United States. We teach “tort law,” for instance. But no one practices tort law. They practice California tort law or New York tort law. But our courses consist of broad concepts applicable to understanding the law in all fifty states, and we assume that students armed with this knowledge can learn the law of their particular state in practice. It is now time to begin extending this way of thinking beyond our own borders, and enlarging the conceptual frameworks to include concepts central to thinking about law in other countries as well."