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Civil Rights In Court Spotlight

Publication Date: 
February 17, 2009
USA Today
Joan Biskupic

Professor Jeffrey Fisher is quoted in USA Today in a story about the cases that will be discussed during the second half of the Supreme Court term and how the conservative-leaning court under Justice Roberts might decide the cases. USA Today writes:

When the Supreme Court returns to the bench Monday for the second half of its annual term, justices will hear several cases that could make this the most important session for civil rights law in years. These cases will further shape the court under Chief Justice John Roberts, which will end its third full session this summer.


Congress and the White House are controlled by Democrats, so a court dominated by justices who lean to the right could emerge as the last bastion of conservatism, says Stanford University law professor Jeffrey Fisher, who argues regularly before the court. "Will the justices say, 'We should heed the winds of political change?' " he says, "Or will they say, 'It's even more important to protect certain conservative principles that are not popular right now?' "