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Clemens To Testify Under Oath

Publication Date: 
January 19, 2008
The New York Times
Duff Wilson

Professor Deborah L. Rhode is quoted in The New York Times about Roger Clemens' testimony on Capitol Hill next week, and witnesses who might contradict what he is going to say:

Deborah L. Rhode, a professor of law at Stanford University and a former counsel to the House Judiciary Committee, said a criminal referral of a witness who was contradicted by the Mitchell report “would be an appropriate step to take under these circumstances.”

“Certainly it’s not uncommon for Congressional committees to take this step when there are false statements made under oath.” she said.

Clemens, she added, is “digging himself in.”

“He’s got to know there’s a possibility of a criminal referral,” she said.

At the same time, Rhode said in a telephone interview, the committee was also likely to subpoena any witness who tried to avoid answering questions for any reason, including claims of unfairness. “They’ve dug their heels in on this issue,” she said.