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Comcast Refuses Invite

Publication Date: 
April 18, 2008
The Stanford Daily
Kamil Dada

The Stanford Daily reported on the absence of major network operators at the FCC hearing hosted by the law school's Center for Internet and Society:

Comcast was recently caught restricting customer access to BitTorrent traffic but argued that it should have the ability to control its network under “reasonable network management” practices in order to avoid the network becoming congested and thus slowing down the Internet for all the company’s users.

Comcast officials, however, as well as representatives from the other broadband giants, were not present at the hearing. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said that Comcast and other broadband providers had been invited to testify but chose not to attend.

“I do wish there were some network operators here to answer questions,” Commissioner Robert McDowell said. “I am very disappointed that they aren’t here.”