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Complaint Outs AutoAdmit User. Withholding Other Names for Leverage?

Publication Date: 
August 06, 2008
The Wall Street Journal Law Blog
Dan Slater

Mark A. Lemley is quoted in The Wall Street Journal Law Blog regarding the AutoAdmit case:

Today, the plaintiffs lawyers — Stanford’s Mark Lemley, Keker & Van Nest’s Ashok Ramani and the local Connecticut counsel, David Rosen — filed second amended complaint that names one of the defendants.

In the amended complaint, Lemley & Co. say they have learned the identities of “several additional defendants” in the case. “Plaintiffs are seeking to resolve their claims against these defendants,” says the complaint. “Therefore, at this time, Plaintiffs continue to identify these defendants by their AutoAdmit pseudonyms.”

We’ve attempted to contact the named defendant and will let you know if we hear back.