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Copyright Technology in Place, but Creators Aren't Benefitting

Publication Date: 
May 31, 2007
Washington Internet Daily
Monika Ermert

This article covers the Copyright Summit of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors & Composers held in Brussels, where panelists debated piracy, licensing models, and ways to monetize music online. Reporter Monika Ermert noted a discussion over Professor Lawrence Lessig's stance:

CISAC Chmn. Brett Cottle criticized Stanford Law Professor and Creative Commons founder Lawrence Lessig, saying Creative Commons is being used by opponents of copyright and misplaces authors' expectations while weakening collecting societies. To get anywhere the Commons has to cooperate with authors, said Cottle.

Lessig rejected the critique that Creative Commons plays into the hands of a copyright abolition movement. The Commons licensing system, based on copyright, has created "millions of property owners" who want only to keep control over their work, not aiming to make money from it in the first place, he said. Lessig later told us that Creative Commons and some collecting societies are in a final round of talks about the possibility of members using both systems. Collecting society members now cannot publish under CC licences.