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Court Challenge: Replacing Stevens

Publication Date: 
April 04, 2010
The Wall Street Journal Online
Jess Bravin

Professor Jeffrey Fisher, who clerked for Justice John Paul Stevens, is quoted in The Wall Street Journal on the judge's possible retirement from the Supreme Court bench. Jess Bravin reports:

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens's latest public musings about retirement highlight the challenge President Barack Obama faces in choosing a successor for the leader of the court's liberal minority.

Whomever Mr. Obama chooses, Justice Stevens's departure is likely to diminish the liberals' influence because of the personal and institutional dynamics that define the Supreme Court.


"In a contentious case, you usually have one [conservative] argument and then a [liberal] counterargument, and the table is set for the other seven to speak and vote," said Jeffrey Fisher, a former Stevens law clerk and now co-director of Stanford Law School's Supreme Court Litigation Clinic. "They will need a new grounding."