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Cuomo Accuses Intel Of Antitrust Violations

Publication Date: 
November 05, 2009
NPR - All Things Considered
Stephanie Martin

Professor Mark Lemley spoke to public radio's Stephanie Martin about the New York AG's claim against Intel:

Computer chip giant Intel is the target of an antitrust suit filed by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Intel commands about 80 percent of the microprocessor market. An Intel spokesman denies the charges and says the company's sales practices were legitimate.

Stanford Law School Antitrust Professor Mark Lemley says the Cuomo lawsuit may be a harbinger of what's in store in the U.S.


Professor Mark Lemley (Law, Stanford Law School): The Federal Trade Commission has been investigating Intel's practices, and Cuomo indicates that he has been coordinating with the Federal Trade Commission. So it's possible that we'll see activity at the federal level against Intel in the near future.