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Cuts to hiring will affect growth, composition of faculty

Publication Date: 
June 04, 2009
The Stanford Daily
Eric Messinger

Dean Larry Kramer is quoted in The Stanford Daily in an article about how the budget crunch at Stanford is affecting the composition and growth of faculty at the Law School:

Regardless of Stanford’s own decisions and the economic downturn, however, competition with other institutions for top faculty will remain high. In an email to The Daily, Law School Dean Larry Kramer said this factor motivated his school’s decision to not reduce hiring efforts.

“Many of our peers are doing the same thing, and it would hurt the Law School in the long run more than it would help our budget in the short run were we to cease hiring,” Kramer said.

He also emphasized not letting opportunities go to waste.

“There is, moreover, a lot of interest among faculty at other schools in possibly coming to Stanford, meaning a lot of opportunities to bring in fantastic new people,” Kramer said.