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Day 3 Passes With No Bonds Verdict

Publication Date: 
April 13, 2011
Chicago Sun-Times

Professor William B. Gould is quoted in the Chicago Sun-Times on whether "lengthier deliberations" will benefit the prosecution or the defense in the Barry Bonds perjury trial.

Jurors in the Barry Bonds case remained mostly out of sight on Day 3 of their deliberations. They never entered Judge Susan Illston's courtoom on the 19th floor of the Phillip Burton Federal Building, spending about six hours behind closed doors Tuesday without reaching a verdict.

Except for a couple of quick breaks and a timeout for lunch, that was it.

No questions for the judge. No readbacks of testimony. And no clues as to which way, if any, the eight women and four men who will decide Bonds' fate are leaning.


Stanford Law School Professor Emeritus William Gould, familiar with baseball from his days as National Labor Relations Board chairman, said it's "tough to figure" which side lengthier deliberations benefit.