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Department Of Motor Vehicles Unveil Crash-Prevention Technology

Publication Date: 
February 04, 2014
NBC - Bay Area
Terry McSweeney

CIS/CARS Residential Fellow Bryant Walker Smith weighs in on V2V technology and how it has the potential to prevent future car collisions with NBC BayArea.

The Department of Transportation on Monday announced plans to enable vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology (V2V), with a goal of saving tens of thousands of lives per year.

A crash Santa Clara-resident Chris Roffi was in last week in Saratoga could have been prevented if the crash-prevention technology was available.


Bryant Walker Smith, a fellow at the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford said with its ability to share data 10 times per second, including speed and location, V2V could have prevented the crash.

"If her car had the technology and the other car had this technology -- two big ifs -- she would've been told there's a car coming and doesn't appear to be slowing down," Smith said. "And you and your car could've been alerted to stop."