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Digg Rebellion Shows That Crowd is Law

Publication Date: 
May 02, 2007
Thomas Claburn

Professor Lawrence Lessig's book "Code is Law" is mentioned in an "InformationWeek" article about the Digg rebellion:

"In late 1999, law professor Lawrence Lessig published a book called "Code Is Law," exploring how the technical architecture of the Internet -- the code -- would regulate the Internet, in conjunction with the legal system. His aim was to counter the notion that the Internet was somehow beyond control -- a view that emerged as the Internet came of age in the 1990s -- and to clarify the choices faced by the Internet community going forward.

"Lessig revisited the issue in a follow-up book, Code 2.0. 'We can build, or architect, or code cyberspace to protect values that we believe are fundamental,' he wrote. 'Or we can build, or architect, or code cyberspace to allow those values to disappear.'"