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Doubts Arise That Crude is Subsiding

Publication Date: 
August 05, 2010
The Wall Street Journal Online
Leslie Eaton and Elizabeth Williamson

Professor Meg Caldwell is quoted on the economic and environmental impact of the Gulf Coast oil spill. Leslie Eaton and Elizabeth Williamson of the Wall Street Journal report:

Politicians, environmentalists and lawyers along the Gulf Coast reacted with skepticism Wednesday to a report from the Obama Administration saying that about three-quarters of the oil spilled by a BP PLC well in the Gulf of Mexico has broken down or been cleaned up.

The report, which was released at a White House press briefing, said that "robust federal response efforts" had removed much of the spilled oil from the gulf or broken it into tiny particles.


"The crux of the issue with respect to litigation is, what were the actual damages," said Margaret R. Caldwell, a professor specializing in environmental law at Stanford Law School.