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Drugs Could Have Been Sneaked In to Milosevic

Publication Date: 
March 15, 2006
Los Angeles Times
Sebastian Rotella and Alissa J. Rubin

The "Los Angeles Times" quotes Professor Allen Weiner, who comments on the death of the former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. He was awaiting trial for charges against him for genocide and war crimes in the 1990s.

"This was the great fear, that the guy would die," said Allen Weiner, a professor of international law at Stanford Law School who, as legal advisor to the U.S. Embassy, worked closely with the court as a U.S. government liaison.

Despite the high-stakes political pressure to keep Milosevic healthy, considerations of his legal rights placed limits on day-to-day scrutiny of his activities, particularly because he acted as his own lawyer, Weiner said. "It's a fundamental problem we face in any legal system," Weiner said. "When you think a defendant, a serious criminal, is a threat to himself -- and then balancing that with his rights to due process."