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Durie, Lemley Lead Group From Keker Shop

Publication Date: 
February 03, 2009
The Recorder
Zusha Elinson

The Recorder reports that Professor Mark A. Lemley together with other IP specialists are leaving Keker & Van Nest to form a new law firm:

Law partners (and life partners) Daralyn Durie and Ragesh Tangri are setting out with Stanford patent law professor Mark Lemley and Keker partners Clement Roberts and Ryan Kent to found Durie Tangri Lemley Roberts & Kent.


Lemley will continue to teach at Stanford and work one day a week at the new firm, as he did at 60-attorney Keker. Only this time he'll be a partner rather than of counsel. Lemley said he's looking forward to the flexibility a smaller firm can offer.

"I think there are things you can do in a firm of six or eight lawyers that you can't do in a firm of 60 or 80 lawyers," Lemley said. "We could take on smaller cases or cases for smaller clients in the digital copyright field who couldn't pay the higher rates."