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Editorial: Is This Really Law School?

Publication Date: 
September 04, 2007
New Jersey Lawyer
NJL Editorial Board

The New Jersey Lawyer features Stanford Law School's curricular changes in a story about how law schools increasingly are developing joint degree programs:

Stanford Law School has announced that it is offering joint degree programs with 11 of its graduate departments and schools that will permit students to obtain a juris doctorate degree together with a master's or Ph.D. in a field outside of the law. Joint-degree programs are being offered with other Stanford graduate programs such as business, economics, health research and policy, environment and resources, international and comparative studies, and political science. "Cross-credit" is given whereby credits given for law courses are applied toward the other degree, and vice-versa, thereby reducing the necessary time to obtain both degrees and the related tuition expenses. Additionally, even without seeking a joint degree, opportunities exist to take courses in such other disciplines as part of the law program.