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Election '08: Stanford Law Professor Larry Lessig Explores Bid For Congress

Publication Date: 
February 19, 2008
Wired Blog Network
Sarah Lai Stirland

According to Wired Blog Network, Professor Lawrence Lessig has given himself until March 1 to make up his mind whether he is going to to run for Tom Lantos' seat in Congress:

Digital rights crusader Larry Lessig said Tuesday that he's considering a bid to take over the late Rep. Tom Lantos' (D-Calif.) congressional seat.


In a video, Lessig called on members of Congress to form a bipartisan coalition whose participants would take three pledges he says would change the system: Take no money from political action committees, ban earmarks and agree to public financing of campaigns.


...seeking new challenges, Lessig announced last year he was switching his focus to the even bigger issue of corruption and the influence of money in U.S. politics.

One of the core ideas he thinks will bring about the change he seeks is the use of internet reporting tools that would make the sources of influence and flow of money in government more transparent. He has pointed to the work of the Sunlight Foundation as a leading example of what might be achieved.